The ARAI factory and the Current Situation in Japan

The ARAI factory is located just west of Tokyo in one of the suburbs, To date, there has been no damage to the factory that has been found. Most workers are showing up in spite of mass transit schedules that are not reliable. Production at the factory is currently ongoing.

Because of the catastrophic natural events and the current crisis regarding the nuclear power plants, it is not possible to say that supplies will not be affected. Transportation of both raw materials into the factory and finished goods out of the factory are a current challenge. Japan is still experiencing rolling power blackouts due to the loss of the 6 nuclear power plants. According to our broker, the ports that ARAI normally uses are open for business as usual.

In short, we will have to wait and see. Please know that Mitch Arai and all of his people are doing all they can in a set of very trying circumstances.

-Info from US Arai representative

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