Sergio Gadea Finishes Third for Team Hilton (But Where’s the Pink?)

The bike for Paris Hilton's new racing team announced on December 18, 2010.Spaniard Sergio Gadea pulled in an impressive third place finish for Paris Hilton’s new 125 cc MotoGP team in the Qatar opener today… but we noticed something different about that bike that made the press rounds with Hilton in December. It was noticably absent of its trademark Hilton signature: the color PINK.

Check out these before and after pics. The first is the the bike as it was presented on December 18, 2010 during Hilton’s press announcement about the racing team.

Sergio Gadea for team Pev-Blusens-SMX-Paris Hilton at the Qatar MotoGP opener on March 20, 2011The second is from the actual MotoGP track.

Looks like this bike got a pretty substantial makeover since its bubble-gum launch a few months ago. The front faring and gas tank have been fully de-pinked, and I would venture a guess that those cutesy star accents along the bottom got the chop, too.

It’s no big deal. But it is funny.

What’s the adage… Takes a real man to wear pink?

(Guess the sayings are different in the school of Steve McQueen…)

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