Ladies, Challenge Your Riding!

MSF Rider Safety CourseFor the seasonal, pleasure rider, you may experience a plateau in your skills at some point in your riding career. For some riders, this may be OK, they are comfortable with the people they ride with and the rides they go on, but if you’re feeling stagnant or bored with your moto-experience, shake it up a little. Pushing outside your comfort zone can help revive your passion for riding, give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you proud of your riding skills.

Want to polish those street riding skills? Try a MSF StreetRider or AdvancedRider course. I know we think we’re done with the MSF course the minute we get our motorcycle endorsements on our licenses, but the organization has more to offer even experienced riders.

I love the MSF course because it gives you a different perspective; making safe decisions on the road is all about comprehending the situation, knowing your options and correct execution. Perhaps this spring if you’re feeling sluggish about dusting off the old motorbike, enroll in an Advanced MSF course to brush up on your skills and meet some new riding friends in the process!

If you want to push beyond street skills, consider a track day. Again, a great way to meet new riders, but you also may fall in love with a new facet of motorcycle riding. If you just want to dip your toes in, some track day programs offer bikes, suits, boots and a teacher to follow! Contact your local track and see what their schedule looks like; also ask about female-only track days, even if they don’t offer them at the moment, it’s good to show interest.

Finally, if you want to use your motorcycle to explore the world, plan a long-distance ride with your friends or signup for a moto-vacation. Integrating motorcycles into your vacation will remind you what you loved about bikes in the first place and let you experience new places – in new ways!

Exploring on two wheels brings you closer to the landscapes you roll through, give you quiet reflection time alone in your helmet to consider the natural beauty and plenty of experiences to share with the people you’re riding with. Female-specific riding vacations are offered all over the world, from the Pacific Northwest to Switzerland to New Zealand. So pick a place you haven’t been, pack a helmet and throw caution to the wind!

As riding weather fast approaches, consider a “rider make-over” this year. Break out of your shell, congrats on getting a bike and learning to ride, now keep going!

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