Atlanta Italian Bike Show

MODA Passione Italiana posterMODA Passione Italiana posterOne of the more wonderful Alabaman destinations since 2003 has been Barber Motorsports Park, located in Birmingham, and the star of that landmark has to be the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. In neighboring Georgia, the city of Atlanta houses what is often called the only design-focused museum in the Southeastern U.S., the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). Put the two together and you get another incredible motorcycle show dedicated to Italian bikes. The event is known as “Passione Italiana: Design of the Italian Motorcycle” and will be open to the public starting 20 March 2011 running through to 13 June.

The display will be limited by Barber Museum standards – if you have never been there, make it your goal to at least visit it once before you shuffle off this Earth – as it will only encompass eleven motorcycles. Of course, Italian marques are the focus, so representatives from Bimota, Ducati, Moto Morini, and MV Agusta will be on hand. The models were chosen to represent over five decades of moto-design from the Italian school of what motorcycles should be. On hand will be both vintage and modern examples meant to demonstrate the many technological and artistic advancements which have evolved in Italian two-wheelers over the years.

Museum of Design AtlantaMODA will have much more than the bikes from the Barber Vintage Museum to show to the visiting public, though. Around the classic bikes will be a changing mixed media backdrop which is tied to “freestanding interpretive stations” meant to present the design elements of Italian motorcycles and their connection to furniture, fashion and industrial design within the larger Italian culture. The exhibition is all about the raw passion of the bike designers themselves and the riders who use their wares. To be slightly more direct and to the point – it is about the Italian passion for design embodied in steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber which make up the fine Italian motorcycles in the show.

1973 MV Agusta 500 Grand Prix1973 MV Agusta 500 Grand PrixThe exhibit is curated by Joe Remling of ai3, Inc., a unique Atlanta-based architecture and interior design firm formed by colleagues turned friends. MODA is a museum with the mission of demonstrating how important design is to our daily lives. The concept that design has practical effects upon the world is not a new concept, but it has only recently been widely accepted in the world of business. As motorcyclists, I can guarantee that you understand this connection, especially if you are an Italian bike aficionado.

MODA can be found at 1315 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia – but be careful as everything is named after peach trees in that city! For more information, take this link:

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