Top Japanese Riders, Haga, Kiyonari, Talk About Japan Disaster

In just a few days, Japanese riders Noriyuki Haga and Ryuichi Kiyonari will have to take to the track to compete. Both riders have spent the last few days worrying about their friends and families after the Japan earthquake, and have taken the time to update the racing world about their situation.

Noriyuki Haga, who will head to Donnington Park on March 27th for the second round of the World Superbike series, sent this message to

noriyuki_haga“After the first round of the World Superbike championship at Phillip Island, I went back to my hometown Nagoya in Japan to visit my relatives. Of course now I am trying to get back to Europe for Round 2 of World Superbike championship at Donington Park in the UK next weekend.

“First of all I would like to say thank you so much to everyone that has texted me and called me, concerned about my family and friends in Japan. I just wanted everyone to know how much it meant to me and I appreciate it very much! Thank you so much for all the kindness you show me. All my family (Yurie, Akito, Ryota and Kanon) are OK and our relatives who live in the suffering area are safe too.

“We are very shocked about what is happening in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami and now trouble for Nuclear power plant. It’s just like a nightmare! It is very bad and ugly, especially the Sendai area. I used to race there and I have good memories of it too but now it’s unbelievable… sad! sad! sad!

“My home is OK, it just has small damage and the aftershocks are still continuing but at the moment they are not as bad as the others.

“I am very sad for all those who have lost friends and family in the tragedy and I am going to try my best at Donington Park to show you the spirit of “Don’t give up Japan, Don’t give up Tohoku!

“I also have the good news that our friends Yukio Kagayama and family, Katsuaki Fujiwara and family are all OK!”

ryuichi_kiyonariRyuichi Kiyonari, who has a little over a month before the opening round of the British Superbike series at Brands Hatch, said:

“It is very shocking to see what is happening in Japan now, it is a very bad situation and it is sad to see the news. Some of the places on the news are places I know or have been to and there is so much devastation – it is just a shock for me and my family. I have spoken to some of my friends and family in Japan and they have been affected but at the moment not as bad as others. My home in Japan is ok from the outside, but inside there is some damage, but I am just happy that my wife and baby came to the UK on Thursday before it happened. I am sad for those who have lost friends and family this week and I am going to try and win the first race at Brands Hatch to dedicate to the people back home who have lost so much.”

Riders, organizers, and teams from all disciplines have expressed their sympathy and concern for the people in Japan. The FIM has postponed the Japan GP until October, and many companies like Honda have already pledged money to help victims in Japan.

If you want to chip in too, here’s a charity organized and funded by motorcyclists.

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