Moto For Japan: It’s Time to Ride, It’s Time to Help

moto_for_JapanThe earthquake, and consequential tsunami, that struck Japan last week left the nation devastated. Thousands of people have died, businesses have been destroyed, and homes have absolutely vanished.

There are many people who need help and many more who want to help. But what do you do when you’re on the opposite side of the world?

Greg Hatton and Jon Bekefy started a group on Crowdrise, a website that organizes charities, in order to bring motorcyclists together to donate to Japan.

Japan is such an important country in the motorcycle world, and now, more than every, they need help.

“The Japanese people have contributed to our passions and our livelihoods, and we believe, both as motorcyclists and regular humans, that we have an obligation to aid and assist them in this time of disaster and terrible loss,” wrote Hatton and Bekefy on Crowdrise.

“Whether you’re a rider, a racer, an industry employee, or a fan of any of the Big Four, this is your opportunity to give back to one of the most important nation-contributors of all things riding and racing.”

The money donated to MotoforJapan will go directly toward funding the Red Cross.

You can visit MotoForJapan here, or you can donate directly to the Red Cross here.

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