Shoei Japan Update

We have had many inquiries regarding Shoei‘s status after the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan last week. We have heard from Shoei Japan and they thank everyone and appreciate all the heart felt concern and prayers.

They report that their office in Tokyo received no damage and everyone is ok. Their Ibaraki factory received some slight damage they expect that it will take about a week or so to return to the normal operation. The colleagues at Ibaraki factory are all safe.

The Iwate factory was close to the seismic center and did receive some damage but nothing to serious. Their biggest issue as you can imagine is logistics and utilities. Most roads are closed and they did not have power or water. They are working closely with the local government, as this is an ever-evolving situation.

Shoei did report that the March production order (helmets that were due in April) was completed but due to the situation will be delayed at least a week longer as they try to get it loaded on a ship out of Yokahama harbor. We can expect that shipments will probably be somewhat delayed as Shoei Helmets struggles to adapt to this over the next few months.

Thank you for your understanding,
Info from a Shoei Helmet US distributor

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