Blake Young Does the Double at Daytona

Blake_Young_Wins_Race_2_at_DaytonaThe second AMA Superbike race at Daytona played out much like the first. Josh Hayes led the way around the Daytona International Speedway ahead of Blake Young and Tommy Hayden, but a last second dash would cost him the win. Blake Young stole the victory today by .07 seconds ahead of Hayes.

Hayes led every lap during the second Superbike race, but couldn’t give himself enough of a gap to keep Young at bay.

“I went out and did my game plan to a T,” Hayes said. “I tried to go out there and do 37s, which I hoped would be enough to keep me in front of these guys. I got away with it for 14 laps.”

Hayden was nearly able to pass up Hayes as well, the way he did in race 1, but Hayden fell .04 seconds short of second place.

“We’ll take two podiums here at the start of the season,” Hayden said. “We’ll try to be a little stronger at the next one.”

Young took the double victory at Daytona, which will give him a little bit of a head start for the 2011 Superbike season. But Young knows that there is a long season ahead of him. AMA_Superbike_at_Daytona

“I’m ready for this year and I’m ready to fight for the championship,” Young said. “But it’s a long season and anything can happen.”

AMA Superbike – Daytona – Race 2 Results

  1. Blake Young – Suzuki
  2. Josh Hayes – Yamaha
  3. Tommy Hayden – Suzuki
  4. Martin Cardenas – Suzuki
  5. Ben Bostrom – Suzuki
  6. Larry Pegram – BMW
  7. Chris Clark – Yamaha
  8. Eric Bostrom – Kawasaki
  9. David Anthony – Suzuki
  10. Chris Peris – BMW

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