2011 Daytona 200: Live Updates from the Speedway

Daytona_200The Daytona 200 is just a few minutes away. More than 30 riders will jump onto the Daytona International Speedway to take part in the 70th Daytona 200.

Jake Zemke will the lead the grid for the 57 lap race. Zemke took the pole position, and a Rolex watch, yesterday during the qualifying session. Zemke will be followed by Jason DiSalvo Danny Eslick, and JD Beach. Josh Herrin, won the Daytona 200 in 2010, will be starting from the back of the second row today.

The Daytona 200 started in 1937, when Ed Krentz rode an Indian on the old beach course to the first victory of this historic race.

The 70th Daytona 200 will get underway in just a few minutes.

And they’re off…

Lap 1: Pole sitter Danny Eslick hops off to an early lead, but by the end of lap 1 Josh Herrin has taken the lead.

Lap 2: About a dozen riders are grouped up at the front. Led by Zemke, DiSalvo, and Herrin.

Lap 3: Zemke, DiSalvo, and Herrin ride three wide across the line.

The top riders are lapping in the low 1’51s at about 170 miles per hour.

Four laps down, 53 more to go. The top 9 riders are separated by just over a second.

Zemke, Herrin, and DiSalvo continue to lead the way. Just two tenths of a second separate the top three, but no one can find their way past Zemke.

Lap 6: Josh Herrin overtakes Zemke at the horse shoe.

Top 10 riders: Herrin, Zemke, DiSalvo, Holden, Eslick, Beach, Aquino, West, Jacobsen, Westby, Beaubier.

Side by side the top riders race around the Daytona International Speedway, swapping spots at the top. Currently, DiSalvo leads the way ahead of Eslick and Herrin.

Lap 7: Four riders have held the lead so far: Herrin, Eslick, DiSalvo, and Zemke. Zemke is now sitting in fifth place.

Sportbike rookie JD Beach has been working up his way from the back. Beach is now in 5th, just .3 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 8: The top 8 riders are riding within four seconds of each other. Behind Jacobsen, there is a 10 second gap.

Jacobsen is off the track. Looks like he slid off at turn 1.

Eslick makes a huge move around the outside to move from fourth to first.

Lap 10: The top 5 riders are beginning to separate: Zemke, Herrin, DiSalvo, Eslick, Beach.

The pace has quickened. The top riders are now lapping in the 1’50s.

JD Beach closes in on 180 miles per hour through the speed traps. Beach sits in fourth place behind Zemke, Herrin, and Eslick.

13 raps down. The Sportbike riders are about 4 laps away from the first pit stop.

Jake Holden heads to the pits to put on some new tires. Looks like an unscheduled pit stop.

Lap 15: Zemke, Herrin, DiSalvo, Eslick, Beach.

Holden is back on the track, but lost some valuable time. Holden was riding as high in fifth and will now start working from the back of the pack.

The top five riders are all within a second of each other. The lead group has built a five second lead ahead of the rest of the rest of the pack.

Eslick makes another fantastic move to jump three spots and take the lead.

Lap 17: Eslick tops 180 mph through the speed traps.

Eslick heads to the pit. Eslick’s crew gets him out quick and he’s back on the track.

Zemke gets some fresh tires and gas and heads out onto the track.

The top riders shuffle as the Sportbike riders make their way in and out of the pits.

Beach is the final rider from the top five to step into the pits.

Lap 21: Zemke, DiSalvo, Herrin and Eslick regroup up at the front.

The top three riders are starting to hit slower traffic as they enter into lap 22.

35 laps to go. Zemke, Herrin, DiSalvo, Beach, Eslick.

Zemke, Herrin, and DiSalvo have separated from the rest of the group. The top three riders have 5 seconds ahead of JD Beach and Danny Eslick.

Eslick is down. Heading down the straightaway, Eslick lost control and slid along with his motorcycle a good 60 feet down the Daytona International Speedway. Eslick gets back on the bike, and heads over to pit row.

Lap 25: Zemke continues to lead the way as we head to the midway point.

JD Beach is slowly cutting down the gap, but still trails the top 3 by more than 5 seconds.

Jason DiSalvo has slowed down, coasting around the apron. Something went wrong with the Ducati, and he’ll had to the pits.

JD Beach moves into third place behind Zemke and Herrin.

There is a red flag. Doesn’t appear to be an accident. The red flag could be for a mandatory front tire change. All riders have headed into the pits for fresh tires and fuel. There will still be another pit stop before the end of the Daytona 200.

After 27 laps: Zemke, Herrin, DiSalvo, Beach, West, Aquino, Westby, Skubic, Knapp, Villa, Kash, Holden, Allison, Turner, Amantini, Beaubier.

The riders are still in the pits. There has been a mandatory front tire change on all of the motorcycles. When the race restarts, there will be 30 laps remaining.

The riders are heading back to the grid. The Daytona 200 should restart shortly.

Before the red flag, Ricky Orlando set the mileage record at the Daytona 200.

Safety concerns regarding the tires have halted the race. Dunlop is now looking at the front rims of all the motorcycles. There is an estimated restart time of 3:15.

The estimated start time is now 3:30. AMA officials have also announced that the remaining 30 laps will be shortened to 15. That means that the riders will not have to make another pit stop.

The start time has been pushed back to 3:45. There will be two warm-up laps before the Daytona 200 starts again.

The riders are just to embark on a two lap warm-up before they take the grid. Jake Zemke will be starting in the pole position, and will be followed by Josh Herrin, Jason DiSalvo, and JD Beach on the front row.

The riders have just started the warm-up laps. Dunlop will be on the scene after the race to answer questions, so stay tuned to All About Bikes to find out exactly what went wrong with the tires today.

The riders are now lined up on the grid and are waiting for the green light.


Two riders go down on turn one. One of the riders is Jason Farrell. The other rider was Russ Wikle. Barret Long also had trouble with some smoking with his bike.

And there is another red flag.

The riders are back in the pits, as teams recheck tires and officials check the track.

AMA officials are saying that some fluid spilled onto the starting grid, which may have contributed to the fall on turn 1. The crew is now cleaning up the pit row area.

The riders will complete one more warm-up lap before the Daytona 200 starts again.

The spill on the track came from Long’s bike. It’s unclear if Long will get back onto the grid. Farrell is also questionable for the restart.

The green flag waves. Riders will have one warm-up lap before the Daytona 200 restarts again.


A clean start sends DiSalvo, Zemke, and Herrin off at the front of the pack.

Beach flies up the side to take the lead at the end of lap 1.

Beach runs wide and gives the lead back to Herrin.

10 riders are bunched up at the front, but all eyes are on the top four. DiSalvo, Zemke, Herrin, and Beach.

Dane Westby is thrown into the mix. Westby is in third behind Zemke and Herrin.

We’ve got riders flying up from the back. Holden jumps up to second. Westby drops back down to fourth.

The top 3 riders finish the third lap separated by .3 seconds.

Cory West makes a fantastic move to jump from 6th to second.

Zemke is still holding onto the lead, but just barely. Five riders crossed the line practically side by side.

11 laps to go: Zemke, Holden, West, Herrin, DiSalvo, Westby, Beach.

The top 9 riders are all lapping in the low 1’51s. Zemke crosses the line, holding onto the lead by .06 seconds.

Cory West makes a pass in the chicane and takes the lead. But on the straight away, he drops back down to fourth.

With 8 laps to go, Zemke’s lead drops down to .001 seconds ahead of Cory West.

West takes the lead again in the chicane, and is able to hold onto the lead this time during the straightaway.

6 laps left: West, Herrin, Zemke, Westby, Holden, Beach, DiSalvo.

8 riders are battling for the lead at the Daytona International Speedway. Herrin retakes the lead, followed by DiSalvo and Zemke.

The top three riders, Zemke, Herrin, and DiSalvo, just put in laps in the 1’50 range.

Jake Holden, who was riding in the top 5, suffered a mechanical problem and pulled his bike off of the track.

Beach moves up to third behind Herrin and Zemke.

The 8 rider pack at the front has dwindled down to five. Herrin, Zemke, Beach, West, and DiSalvo are separated by two tenths of a second.

DiSalvo just set the fastest lap time of the day. A 1’50.130 lap time put DiSalvo into fifth.

West jumps to second in the chicane.

Zemke just crossed with his biggest lead yet. Zemke is .3 seconds ahead of Westby.

The White flag is out, Josh Herrin takes the lead over Beach and Zemke.

The top five riders are within a tenth of a second of each other.

Corey West takes the lead.

DiSalvo chases West to the finish line.

Two riders go down and a red flag comes out.

DiSalvo crosses the line ahead of West by .03 seconds, but they are holding the final results for a moment.

Taylor Knapp and Dane Westby were the two riders who went down and caused the red flag. If the officials decide to revert to the last lap, Josh Herrin will be the Daytona 200 winner.

DiSalvo crossed the line first, but it looks like they’ll be giving the win to Josh Herrin, who was leading during the last completed lap. The unofficial results would give Herrin the race win, and put West and Zemke on the other two steps on the podium.

The results are in. DISALVO WINS THE DAYTONA 200. The AMA ruled that the top five finishers finished before the red flag was flown. DiSalvo wins the Daytona 200. Cory West and Jake Zemke will complete the podium.

That was one crazy ass Daytona 200. All About Bikes will have a race recap, rider interviews, and a report on the Dunlop tire situation shortly.

[Superbike Results, SuperSport Results]

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