British Superbike film – I, Superbiker

I, Superbiker Movie
I, Superbiker Movie
The 2010 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship is over, but the season will live on through the experiences of racers Josh Brookes, James Ellison, Tommy Hill, and Gary Mason. All will be featured in the documentary film I, Superbiker, which is scheduled to be released this spring in theaters around the United Kingdom.


For everyone who doesn’t live on the island of Great Britain, the good news is that a DVD will be available very soon afterward so we may enjoy the film. In fact, many who do live there may have a hard time seeing it before the digital version is on sale. It will be shown for one night only in at least ten theaters, with more to be added soon.

The men and women who compete in this rather unforgiving motorsport risk their limbs and lives all in the pursuit of conquering the British Superbike Championship. The tools of the trade are, sharp-edged, technologically advanced, fire-breathing beasts putting out more than 180 horsepower to the ground which is passing below them at speeds nearing 200 Mph.

I, Superbiker follows the aforementioned riders throughout the entire 2010 BSB season, and all of that action was filmed in pure high-definition for the viewing perfection it provides. This is no ‘end of season review’ as it may appear, though there is plenty of on-the-track action; this studiously done motion picture goes behind the scenes with the spouses, girlfriends, crew, and managers, who are all involved in the chase. The cameras look into the emotions and hard work involved in competing at this level – arguably the best national motorcycle racing series in the world.

Tommy Hill Dressed and Ready
Tommy Hill Dressed and Ready
Hill has often been referred to as a wunderkind of the series; he is a young entrant with a large amount of experience and skill who came to the series after spending time off the road. In fact, that nearly ended his life at a young 14 years-old as a serious accident while riding motocross took two vital organs from him. He is a man who knows how to fight for something.


Ellison started a bit late compared to many racers, but he has made that up by racing at a high level for many years. He regularly takes on real roads races, has raced at many levels including BSB, FIM World Superbike, and MotoGP, and he married a Texan – smart guy! His talent extends beyond just riding as he is known for being a very skilled instructor, a good fundraiser, a hyperbaric chamber pioneer, and an all around good guy.

Josh Brookes & His HM Plant Honda
Josh Brookes & His HM Plant Honda
The ‘Bad Boy’ of the group has to be Brookes. He was suspended for two races after a nasty incident a Mallory Park in his debut 2009 BSB season. The Australian is known for wearing all-black leathers and is an aggressive competitor – he wants to bring the crown home to the former colony.


Mason is the eldest of the bunch at 31, but he can still dice with the best; he did win the BSB Privateers Cup last season. The 2010 BSB season was not so kind to him, but he has it in him to win further titles if he can get the ride.

The project was directed by one Mark Sloper, he of Final Cut and Small Time Obsession fame, scored by David Vanian of The Damned, and uses the music of Phil Collen of Def Leppard. The English influence will be unmistakable; those involved know the subject matter exceptionally well, so this will be one every motorcycle racing fan will eventually own…probably on Blu-Ray for the pure HD experience.

I, Superbiker will be in those U.K. theaters on 14 March 2011, and the DVD will be on sale (according to a press release) shortly afterward on 4 April. For more information, please see the website at

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