Arai Vector Helmets on Closeout now

Arai Vector Solids
Arai Vector Schwantz Replica

All our Arai Vector Helmets are on closeout to make room for the NEW Arai Vector 2 Helmets that came out this year. The Arai Vector replaced the Astral-X, taking off where the Astral left off and bringing one more dimension to the Arai Helmet line. The helmet was created specifically as a less-is-more design for the rider who doesn’t want or need all the bells and whistles, but who still demands the Arai name and everything it stands for.

Arai Vector Haga

The feeling of an Arai Vector Helmet comes from the experience of decades of helmet making. From the hands, talent, and passion of Arai Helmet craftsmen. The results are organic shell shapes, wind-slicing aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, incredible balance, light weight, and a comfort and fit like no other.

One-Piece Liner:

  • Arai’s EPS liner is like no other, comprised of several material densities molded into a single piece
  • Shell Construction:

  • The Vector Helmet‘s CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell utilizes Arai’s proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package
  • Organic Shell Shape:

  • Arai believes this shaping is best done by human hands and experience – not computers “Computers solve things mathematically. Hands build for humans.”
  • Cheek Pads:

  • “Customized” cheekpads with a finer made-just-for-you fit are another result of the decades of commitment to every nuance of rider comfort by the Arai people
  • LRS Shield-Removal:

  • Arai’s Vector LRS tool-less shield-removal system has to be one of the most misunderstood shield systems on the planet, but watch racers Nicky Hayden and Kenny Roberts, Jr. swap Arai faceshields on video while wearing the helmet and you see for yourself how really easy it is
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