Route 66 and TomTom Launch Android App

route_66_maps_appRoute 66 joined forces with TomTom at the end of last year in order to create a few new products. One of the first products to come from the partnership is a new android app, Route 66 Maps + Navigation.

The app, which will be available on Android devices, will use TomTom’s precise mapping system. But the new app isn’t just a place to store maps. Route 66 Maps + Navigation is packed with features like 3D graphics, spoken directions, and links to weather. But the most impressive aspect of the new package, is Route 66’s “Follow Me” feature.

The “Follow Me” feature places a virtual car on the screen. The virtual car will put on its turn signals and lead you to your destination.

Route 66 Maps + Navigation provides the future of navigation, today,” stated Paul Warmer, Route 66 Vice President Marketing. “It’s also great fun to use. Everyone who tested our new product, became hooked on the unique Follow Me feature, which we believe is a major step forward in making navigation more intuitive and a lot more fun.”

Here’s a video about the “Follow Me” feature.

Here are some key features from the new Route 66 app.

  • Maps from over 100 Countries
  • Spoken Directions in 57 languages
  • Links to useful sources like Wikipedia and weather sources.
  • Mutli-touch screen for zooming, moving, tilting and rotating the view.
  • Real time traffic and speed camera services.
  • Unique “Follow Me” Feature
  • Automatic map downloads.

“We are extremely pleased to provide a critical component in this compelling new ROUTE 66 application,” said Maarten van Gool, Managing Director, TomTom Licensing. “Our maps rate very highly in terms of quality and reliability, and are updated daily via millions of GPS system users worldwide, who help to track and validate changes in real time.”

To get your app click here.

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