Motorcycle Sales on the Rise

motorcycle_industry_councilAt the end of 2010, the MIC released sales numbers that gave a bleak outlook for the 2011 season. But after one month, it looks like 2011 could be one of the best years for the motorcycle industry in recent memory.

Two-wheel vehicle sales in January of 2011 were 25.5% higher compared to January 2010. The news is even better for motorcycles. Motorcycle sales were 29.2% better than a year ago, while moped sales increased by 10.6%.

Small motorcycles are the ones that are leading the sales charge. Motorcycles between 50cc and 125cc saw the biggest growth, with a 44.5% increase compared to last January.

“The three top growth areas by sector are Adventure Sport (52%), Scooter (43%) and Supersport (41.5%),” said the MIC in a press release. “Scooter style motorcycles accounted for the highest number of registrations in January (958 machines) followed by the Naked sector (732).”

Honda had the most number of registrations in January thanks to the Honda CBF 125cc, which had the highest number of registrations of any motorcycle. Yamaha and Triumph were next in line, both with impressive January numbers.

“Time wasted in congestion and the massive costs of car ownership especially for younger people looking to get insured on a car make a powered-two wheeler increasingly attractive,” said Steve Kenward, MCI’s CEO. “A motorcycle or scooter is a real and viable alternative to a car, or public transport, and can cut journey times, is easier to park, costs less to run and helps reduce CO2 emissions. It makes more sense than ever for people to consider making the switch to this mode of transport.”

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