Quick Straps – Adding Convenience to your Goggles

QuickStrapNo doubt about it – goggles are the best eye protection option for most dirt riding situations. They keep the dust out, they are comfortable, they can reduce fogging and they can keep sweat from a rider’s eyes. However, they can be cumbersome and hard to put on and take off – especially on the fly.

I have found the Quick Strap Goggle Mounting System to be a great option for simplifying the use of goggles. The system consists of tabs that are applied to the corners of the eye opening of your helmet, and the straps and connectors that mount to most brands of goggles. There are several advantages to the Quick Strap system. First, goggles can be put on or taken off with one hand. This is a real plus in dirt riding situations where conditions and speeds constantly change.

Another benefit that I have found is that goggle placement on the face is more consistent with the system since the straps are always in the same place. Dirt riders will know what I am talking about here. Straps that fit around the helmet can be hard to position with a gloved hand, especially when riding.

Quick Straps, which retail for around $18, fit Scott, Smith, Oakley and most other brands. They are available in several color options.

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