Modesty at the Yamaha Factory Racing Rollout

Yamaha2011RolloutMotoGP-2Yamaha Factory Racing rolled out the racing stable at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. Included in the press conference were Lin Jarvis, the new team director Massimo Meregalli, and team manager Wilco Zeelenberg. The riders were also present, Ben Spies with his teammate Jorge Lorenzo who answered question and gave some brief comments.

“We worked really hard last year to earn the seat with the Yamaha Factory team so it’s a great feeling to be here alongside Jorge,” commented Ben Spies. “It’s obviously a special year for Yamaha with the 50th Anniversary of GP racing celebrations so I’m really stoked to be part of it. The bike’s feeling really good, we’ve got a few days more of testing now to really shake it down and fine tune the set up and we’ll be ready to go. I’m loving the corporate blue color scheme; I’m a big fan of the design.”

“I’m very happy to be here again preparing to start another season riding with Yamaha,” said Jorge Lorenzo. “Winning the World Championship last season was an incredible feeling, but now we start again. I have a great crew and with the hard work of the Japanese engineers over the winter I feel confident we can fight for more success this year.”

“I’m proud to be here for the 2011 Yamaha Factory Racing launch and the start of a new era for the team,” said Lin Jarvis, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Racing. “This is an important year for us being our 50th anniversary of involvement in Grand Prix racing and we start the season not only with the reigning MotoGP World Champion but also welcoming Ben Spies, last year’s Rookie of the Year to the Factory Team. It’s fitting that we will line up for the start of this special year in our corporate colors.”

Yamaha I say FLEX YOUR MUSCLE, you have the number one rider from last year and have the rookie of the year from last year. Stand up and pound your chest because you are on the top of the dog pile. You need to stand up and left the other teams know that they will looking at the backend of number 1 and 11. Let the other teams know that you are here to be top dog again. You have every right to stand up and talk big, some will say “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, Yamaha SPEAK LOUDLY as you already have the big stick.

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