Dakota Digital to Install Custom Gauges at Daytona

dakota_digitalCompanies from all over the country will be heading to Daytona in March to show off some of their cool products. Dakota Digital, a manufacturer of custom motorcycle gauges, will not only be showing off their products, they’ll be installing them.

Dakota Digital will have their complete line of motorcycle gauges down in Daytona. So whether you ride a Harley, a Metric, a Big Dog, or a Victory, they’ll be able to outfit your bike with some sweet instrumentation.

Dakota Digital can freshen up your speedometer, but they also have gear indicators, heat gauges, fuel gauges, air and oil pressure indicators, clocks, and just about anything else you could want.

If you’re heading to Daytona and want to check out some custom gauges, Dakota Digital will have a booth in the Drag Specialties section in the J&P Cycles Lot.

Mike Merrit, of Dakota Digital, will be installing the gauges during Daytona.

“I will be performing installations on all of our direct replacement gauges,” Merrit said. “On a bagger, you can expect about an hour wait. On a Sportser or Road King, the wait is only about 20 minutes.”

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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