The Schampa Stormgear Gordito: No Salsa Needed

gorditoWhat do we have here…a review of a delectable Mexican dish?  No, this Gordito is not a taste treat for your throat. However, it is protection for the vulnerable region.

You can buy the finest insulated and waterproof jacket, pants, boots and gloves. But all it takes is one little chink in your cold weather riding armor to allow infiltration of the elements. I have found that the one area that is most often left unprotected in the rider’s war against the elements is the neck. What makes this even worse is that on a motorcycle, the neck is often at a level at which the cold and wet is focused as it is directed over fairings and windshields.

The Schampa Stormgear Gordito is the cure for the common neck chill. It is designed to contour securely to the face and neck and is made of a fabric that stops wind and water.  It also features an ergonomic nose piece and mesh mouth panel – after all, you’ve got to breathe!

At a retail price of only $27, there is no reason to suffer in the cold and wet.

Shop Competition Accessories for all your motorcycle gear and motorcycle helmet needs.

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