AMA Urges Off-Road Riders to Contact Congress About “Wild Lands” Policy

off_roadIf passed, the “Wild Lands” land-use policy would close millions of acres of federal land to off-road riders. The AMA is urging motorcyclists and ATV riders to get in contact with their federal lawmakers, and to ask them to not support the “Wild Lands” policy.

A key US House Committee will be holding a hearing on March 1st of the “Wild Lands” issue.

The AMA says that the “Wild Lands” policy “usurps congressional authority over public land-use designations.”

Secretarial Order 3310, signed by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on December 22nd, created the designation “Wild Lands,” which would allow for the Federal Bureau of Land Management to manage land as if it had been designated “wilderness” by Congress. The “Wild Lands” policy would essentially remove the need for congressional approval.

When an area is designated wilderness, nearly all non-pedestrian activity is prohibited. The AMA fears that if the “Wild Lands” policy becomes a reality, millions of acres of land that is currently used by off-road vehicles, will become “wilderness,” and will no longer be able to be used by off-road vehicles.

“With the new Wild Lands policy, anti-access advocates and the administration are now seeking an end-run around Congress,” said Ed Moreland, AMA senior vice president for government relations. “Salazar’s order has far-reaching implications because the BLM manages about 245 million acres of public land nationwide, primarily in western states.”

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