Come On KTM, How About a Peek

KTMWe have all read that KTM is set to introduce a new Super Duke and an Adventure lineup late in 2012 or early 2013. The reports were started by Nieuwsmotor, a Dutch magazine, after they had a visit to the KTM factory located in Mattighofen Austria.

The Adventurer line will consist of more engine sizes than we are used to seeing for a single product line. Engine sizes are supposed to range from 800cc to 1000cc to 1200cc, many models can be a good thing. The Super Duke has a planned 700cc single cylinder engine, this model is supposed to redesigned for the masses. A toned down look that should not be as aggressive looking as the current 690 model. Unfortunately Nieuwsmotor was not allowed to take any pictures of these new planned models.

Anyone remember a few years ago when a well know motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, released photos and designs of a new motorcycle before it was even produced. Do you recall that a complete website was dedicated to this motorcycle before the bike even hit the showroom floors? The model was even updated based on user comments on the website dedicated to this motorcycle.

Do you recall the release of the Hypermotard from Ducati? The motorcycle was sold out before final production was in place. KTM needs to do the same thing, put the pictures out there, take input from the public, and sell out before final production is even in place. What do you say KTM? Give us a peek.

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