NEW Product Review: Cortech Latigo Air Boots and Cortech Latigo WP boot

Cortech Latigo Air RR Boots
Cortech Latigo Air RR Boots

For 2011 Cortech has just released the Cortech Latigo Boots.  They come in 2 versions.  The Cortech Latigo Air Boot and the Cortech Latigo WP Boots ( waterproof version ).  Both boots feature a Mycro Tech upper with is essentially a synthetic leather that is used in most roadrace boots like Sidi boots, Alpinestar Boots and more..  The benefits are the synthetic material is softer, does not require break-in, does not absorb moisture and keeps its shape.  So you end up with a boot that will feel mostly broken in from the start, but last because it will not stretch or crack as it ages.  The abrasion resistance is not as high as leather, but that is why they boot is covered with molded panels and armor.  These panels on the Cortech Latigo Boots are specifically designed for absorb impact and are placed in the areas you will most likely hit if you get tossed from the bike.

Cortech Latigo WP RR Boots
Cortech Latigo WP RR Boots

The Cotech Latigo WP boot uses a HiPora waterproof membrane that is very breathable, so you do not feel like your feet are stuck in a plastic bag.  The Latigo AIR Boots feature perforated panels on about 50% of the boot, so feet get plenty of air when riding in hot or muggy conditions.

Overall the boots are excellent quality for the money and would be perfect for track days and the perfect sportbike boots for the average rider looking for more protection, but not wanting to spend $200 plus on Sidi boots or Alpinestar boots.

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