Police in California to Ride Electric

Zero Motorcycles' DS in Scotts Valley PD Livery
Zero Motorcycles' DS in Scotts Valley PD Livery
Scotts Valley, a small municipality north of Santa Cruz in California, has become the first city in The Golden State to employ the Zero DS electric motorcycle for use with its police department. The new addition will serve as a resource for local patrols and traffic enforcement. Zero has the perfect vehicle for such duties and the Scotts Valley PD will be proving just that in the coming months.

Zero Motorcycles' DS Electric Motorcycle
Zero Motorcycles' DS Electric Motorcycle
Zero Motorcycles enjoys a rather close relationship with the city of Scotts Valley, and that helped with this arrangement. This new machine will be used by the police to respond to motor vehicle accidents, patrol urban areas, and will be a primary source of transport when police are called to the area’s many bicycle and hiking paths.

As part of an evaluation process, the DS will be put through its pacesby some of the finest motor officers on the force. If things go as well as expected, the department could find itself owning many more Zero bikes in the near future.

As we all know well, the Zero DS electric has a 50 mile range and is perfectly capable of highway speeds. It also has that wonderful electric power delivery – instant torque and brilliant acceleration. With a lightweight frame, top-notch suspension, and that quick throttle reaction, the DS provides a comfortable and highly-maneuverable mount for the rider.

The SCARAB - Another Electric Option for Police
The SCARAB - Another Electric Option for Police
As for durability, Zero updated their entire model line with its new state-of-the-art Z-Force Air Induction System which pushes fresh, cooling air over the electric motor so that power remains constant and the motor can take almost any abuse. And, with the DS model, the Scotts Valley officers can go anywhere, be it paved or not, to administer help or the law as required – and they can do it quietly!

The hope for Zero is that other law enforcement offices throughout the US and other nations will see the unique benefits that using an electric motorcycle provides. The lack of noise alone gives any electric bike an advantage over its petrol-powered counterparts; perps won’t hear the police coming.

Zero Motorcycles will work very closely with any public service department interested in adopting their machines, and of course it won’t hurt their already stellar reputation for quality and performance. Having your product meet the criteria of a very harsh fleet environment is an ideal proof for what you produce, and all of Zero’s customers will benefit. Guess that those who take them illegally will have a problem, though…at least in Scotts Valley.

For more information on Zero Motorcycles, step this way – www.zeromotorcycles.com.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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