Motorcycle Sales Down and Paul Sr. of OCC Sells His Personal Motorcycle

Supposed-to-be-paulSrOccBikeSoldWhile researching a report from the American Motorcycle Industry Council of motorcycle sales being down for 2010, we ran across some interesting posts on some motorcycle sites. Paul Sr. of OCC is selling off some of his motorcycles. Times are bad for the motorcycle industry all over, 440,000 motorcycles sold in 2010 which is 82000 less than were sold in 2009. Has OCC been hit by these poor motorcycles sales? Has business for OCC slid so much that Paul Sr. has to sell some of his personal motorcycles on EBay?

The industry is facing times that will test all brands and types of motorcycles and off-road motorcycles have not been immune to this downturn in the market, off-road motorcycles saw a 23% downturn in sales during the same time period.

OCC has posted this on the Orange County Choppers website “We have been in negotiations since last summer with GE Commercial Finance to restructure our building’s mortgage. GE decided to file a foreclosure against the building, even though discussions have been ongoing. This in no way affects Orange County Choppers’ day-to-day business operations or the continuation of the popular cable show, seen Monday nights on Discovery Channel.”

Only time will tell, we will have to wait and see if this trend will continue with motorcycles sales in the upcoming year. We will also wait and see how the story plays out for OCC and Paul Sr.

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