Exo2 Makes Winter Riding Comfortable

Exo2_LogoWinter Shminter. Exo2 clothing, a heated clothing company based in the UK, has some of the best winter products around. Exo2 was built to provide winter clothing for the motorsports industry, but the success of its product has expanded Exo2’s base to incorporate hunting, military, medical, and liesure.

But Exo2 doesn’t just rebrand a product for a new category of heated clothing. They are focused on providing products specific to the industry.

“While the powersports industry was our target in 2008 when we introduced the exo² brand and our FabRoc™ heat technology to North America, we have methodically set new courses of action to penetrate the various industries in which our products can help people enjoy their sport more, do their jobs better and live life more fully,” said Drew Walston of Exo2.

Most Exo2 products are designed to be a mid-layer garment. The waterproof and windproof fabric, called AirXtreme, is designed to keep the “heat inside.” Most products can be connected directly to your motorcycle, but Exo2 also has external batteries to keep you warm off on your bike.

EXO2 Stormwalker Heated Jacket
The Stormwalker Jacket/Stormwalker Vest leads the way for the Exo2 brand, but as this heated clothing company gains the recognition it deserves, other products are beginning to fly off the shelves.

“Our EXO2 Stormwalker Heated Jacket/EXO2 Stormwalker Heated Vests, EXO2 Heatwave heated back support and EXO2 Heatsole heated insoles are our current apparel leaders,” said Walston. “But we saw a record number of heated mittens and other non-powersport products sold this year as more and more consumers become aware of our brand and state of the art heat technology.”

Exo2 is working to make their FabRoc technology the industry standard. Whether it’s heated blankets or heated vests. Downhill skiers or motorcycle ice racers. Exo2 is working on the solution. After all, their quais motto is: “If you can dream it, we can heat it.”

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Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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