Add a Little Pig to Your Hog!

PigCapSometimes it’s the little things that complete the look. That single pearl necklace can complete the little black dress. The hint of a handkerchief in a chest pocket can complete the suit. You get the idea. Well, if you are looking at your Harley and something is missing, maybe this is it!

You need to replace those boring black valve caps with something with a bit more character. The Mustang Pig Valve Caps will certainly be an eye catcher and a conversation starter. The tiny unbreakable, molded plastic pig valve caps are as cute as you get.

So when you are in the market for something to cap those valves, think bacon rather than billet. They are not likely to make you any faster, but they’ll add an undeniable comic cool factor to your ride. The little porkers will set you back a mere $4.50 at Competition Accessories. To ham it up, take a look at Competition Accessories.

Shop Competition Accessories for all your motorcycle helmet and motorcycle gear needs.

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