Michelin Anakee 2 Adventure Touring Radial Tire

Anakee2I have now logged enough miles on the Michelin Anakee 2 tires to know that I may have a new favorite street-oriented dual-sport tire. This tire is geared to large displacement dual-sport and adventure touring machines. I currently have the Anakees on my BMW R1200GS and am very impressed.

Michelin claims that their new competition-derived rubber mix delivers almost 30% greater tread life than its two nearest competitors in the adventure touring tire segment. My testing gives me no reason to doubt their claim. My set shows consistent, even, and long wear. What I mean by “consistent and even” is that the tires do not show cupping and feathering like some large-block tread patterns often do.

I have found the ride on the Michelin Anakee 2 to be grippy and predictable on the pavement. I have also been impressed with the traction I have gotten on hard-packed dirt surfaces such as fire roads. They are a laterally stable and rigid tire (which is important in a tire of this type) due to a well-reinforced casing.

The Anakee 2 Tires come in sizes suitable for most large dual-purpose mounts with both 19 and 21 inch front tire options. The tires are either H-Rated for speeds up to 130 mph, or V-Rated for speeds up to 149 mph.

Here is the nice part. Right now at Competition Accessories, you can land a pair of these great tires at a huge savings. Go to Competition Accessories to take a look.

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