Corrado Cecchinelli Named MotoGP Director of Technology


Corrado Cecchinelli, the former director of Ducati, will be the MotoGP Director of Technology for the 2011 MotoGP season. Cecchinelli will oversea all technological aspects relating to the MotoGP World Championship, as well as the Moto2 series and 125cc series.

Cecchinelli will also play a big part in developing the new rules and regulations for the Moto3 class, which will begin in 2012. Cecchinelli will also oversea the development of guidelines for the 1000cc engines to be used in the MotoGP next year.

“We are looking at the definition of the details for the potential entries for Moto3, and that involves technical regulations,” Cecchinelli said in an interview with “In particular, we are receiving applications from different ECU manufacturers, which will continue until February 28th. When that date arrives we will try and finalise the matter as soon as possible.

“With regards to the MotoGP class for 2012 both the fundamental technical and philosophical details are defined, so at the moment we are paying more attention to the new category. The details that remain to be defined for the MotoGP class are unlikely to delay the work of the new arrivals to the category, something that could happen in the case of Moto3.”

Cecchinelli has been around motorcycles his entire life and graduated from Turin Polytechnic as a mechanical engineer. Cecchinelli was the Technical Director for the Ducati MotoGP team from 2003 to 2005, before he was made Vice Director General for Ducati Corse.

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