Sidi ST Air Boot and the Sidi ST Boots Review

Sidi ST Boots

Sidi Boots are know in the industry for the highest quality boots.  The price is not cheap, but neither is the doctor that would fix your feet!  So here are the 2 new boots ( Sidi ST Boots and the Sidi ST Air Boots ) that Sidi came out with for 2011 that fit nicely between the full race Sidi Vortice Boots and the more price point Sidi Vertigo Boots. ( still not cheap ).

Sidi ST Air Boots

The ST Boots and the ST Air Boot are perfect for the sport rider that will go to track days and requires exceptional safety, but can not pony up the $500 for the Vortice.  So what do you get for $395?  That is really the question..

The Sidi ST Motorcycle Boot has a load of features including these key ones below.

1. Easy Entry Upper:  The Sidi ST and ST Air Boots have cam lock buckles at the top, which fully release to allow the boot to open like a snakes mouth.  Seriously, the ST Boots and ST Air Boots are very easy to get into because of the technology.  Plus they snug back up to the same spot every time, no adjustment needed.

2. External Ankle Brace System:  2 reinforced fiberglass braces run down both sides of the boot and tie in to the vertebra system.  Providing exceptional ankle protection in the event of a get-off at speed.

3. Vertebra System:  Sidi Boots has created this patented system to give almost complete protection around the back of the calf and the Achilles tendon.

4. Shock Absorbing Heel Cup and Reinforced Composite Sole:  An integral part to the safety system is the heel cup and sole that are tied into the vertebra system and the external ankle brace system.  This cup and sole can keep you from shattering your heel or foot ( not cool ) in the event you smack a hard object with your foot at a high rate of speed.

5. Teflon Air Mesh Liner:  Teflon is added and coats all the mesh fibers in the Sidi ST Boots, so they are protected from water, staining, odor, microbes, bacteria ( Have smelly feet? Maybe not now! ).  Bottom line is the liner will keep your feet comfortable in most conditions.

Other features include the replaceable sole, replaceable wear parts ( toe sliders, etc ).  The Sidi ST Boots ( non-perforated lorica ) are available in Black / Red, Black / Blue, Black and Black / White.  The ST Air Boots ( perforated lorica ) are available in Black or Black / White.

Overall I give this boot a 9 or 10. ( only because they are still pretty pricey )

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