Ducati, stripped down: Photographs by Elizabeth Raab

Ducati_4Brooklyn-based fine art photographer Elizabeth Raab has just promoted garage art to another level. Her sensual (and tasteful) series of nude figures on Ducati motorcycles has gone up for sale as the “Desmo Collection” on Ducati’s website, and is a welcome departure from traditional female biker shots.

The series features sixteen nearly-surreal studio portraits of models on Ducati bikes, where the “abstract qualities of the organic and mechanical forms” are juxtaposed. Skin tones are muted grey or sometimes even slightly silver, and dramatic chiaroscuro lighting defines the curves of the model’s body to draw attention to the model as “an extension of the bike herself”.

Raab’s work speaks to the tradition of using human form as the model for mechanical delicacy – a task some would say is evidenced most strongly in the graceful, elegant lines of Ducati bikes.

The shots are also used as product art for CorsaCaffe, the boutique brand of Ducati-inspired coffee from Portland dealership MotoCorsa (Raab is a native of the Northwest). The line uses the packaging as a selling point, claiming non-coffee drinkers will enjoy the $14 bag as an artful centerpiece.

Look for more on AllAboutBikes.com later this week, when we sit down for a one-on-one interview with the artist in Brooklyn.

To purchase a limited-edition, individually numbered print from the Desmo Collection visit www.ducatiart.com/category/desmo

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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