Fantasize About Your Own Track? Buy One!

Honda_Proving_Center_California1Honda’s famous Mojave Desert test track, the Honda Proving Center (HPCC), located seven miles north of California City in an unincorporated part of Kern County in California is now for sale. The HPCC consists of 4,255 acres and includes both the American Honda motorcycle and Honda automobile test circuits, all related facilities and a host of improvements.

The main area of the site, encompassing around 3,797 acres, holds the specialized proving grounds which have been designed and equipped for conducting thorough evaluations of Honda cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Extensive infrastructure and specialized buildings are in abundance so that a very broad testing program may be run in its entirety. The entire main site is surrounded entirely by a perimeter fence which includes a private 1.5 mile private drive leading to the standard security office and gate. Nearby are offices and associated warehousing buildings.

Furthermore, the HPCC includes a 7.5 mile oval track, a 4.5 mile winding road coarse modeled on common North American public streets, a dirt road track,Honda_Proving_Center_California2 gravel track, motocross and supercross tracks, and a desert terrain test course with several custom-built obstacles. It is a full-service vehicle testing facility only waiting for an owner who can afford it.

Broker CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) is said to hold the listing, but attempts to locate it on their public website were unsuccessful. No price was provided when the announcement was made, but it is said to be quite reasonable. In fact, the statement from CBRE does go as far as explaining that reproducing the HPCC’s many on-site features would cost far more than the current asking price. The site also possesses environmental muster as it has cleared all requirements for the Desert Tortoise Habitat Plan, so it is ready for any development work desired – Honda has always prided themselves on their environmental stewardship.

If the Honda Proving Center remains available, gathering information is as simple as contacting CBRE through their website. Good luck!

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