Rossi Improves Time on Day 2, Finishes 13th

Valentino_Rossi_-_SepangValentino Rossi continues to concentrate on his shoulder instead of speed during the first official testing session of the 2011 MotoGP season. Rossi finished in 13th today, but was happy with how his shoulder performed.

“Being able to ride again today is important because the shoulder isn’t getting worse under the continued strain,” Rossi said. “Everything is fine while riding under 2’03”, then when I try to take another second off the strength diminishes and the pain increases. It needs more time, without doubt. The situation will improve, but it will be a wait until May. Only then will we be able to work extensively on the bike, because everything we do now could be thrown into doubt when we record more competitive times, when my physical condition is perfect.”

Rossi was able to shave .8 seconds off of his day one time, but still wasn’t able to put in a competitive lap. Today’s winner, Dani Pedrosa, finished more than two seconds ahead of Rossi. But Rossi is happy to have the chance to test out the GP11, even though he isn’t able to push the bike to its limits.

“Today we tried a lot of things, especially with the aerodynamics,” Rossi said. “We focused on comparing fairings and riding with and without wings, and I’m more inclined towards the latter option. The fact is that I’m not in the best physical condition and with the wings I find more resistance in corner entry, which is not good for my shoulder. One of the things we need to improve is going through the turns, because I can’t turn the bike as I would like to. Tomorrow we’re going to continue working with the same enthusiasm as we had today, and at the end of the test we’ll leave with a lot of information.”

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