Ural Sees Some Good News in 2010

Ural logoUral, like most of the motorcycle industry, was hit particularly hard by the Great Recession and suffered a significant fall in sales numbers.

However, 2010 numbers have now been released and it appears that the U.S. operations experienced a 39% increase over fiscal 2009. Each quarter of the year witnessed gains over the same period a year previous. This actually puts them close to the top of the industry as a whole in those terms, making this important all on its own. Oddly, though, Ural was not completely happy with the results.

According to the Ural press release, the company was really hoping to get back to similar sales levels they had in 2008, before the crisis took a firm hold on the economy’s throat. This remains good news, though, and does seem to point to an increasing interest in the company’s rugged sidecar motorcycles. The US powered two-wheel market as a whole didUral Patrol Two-Tone Blue/White 2011 not fare well last year as even usual stalwart Harley-Davidson experienced significant declines. There are signs of recovery, though, and this news from Ural is part of that. Let’s hope it’s a trend and we see much more of it.

Of course, Ural’s products also deserve their fair share of the credit. Many complain about the rather dated design of the various Ural models, and they are not far off base with that. However, it would likely to be phrased as “classic” by those who own and love them.

After all, the Ural sidecar is a very hardy motorcycle which will get you where you are going no matter what gets in your way. You will also have significant fun doing so! Any of the Ural sidecar motorcycles will garner praise from the rider who gets to take one on the road or trail. If something does go wrong, it’s Russian – anyone with mechanical knowledge and basic hand tools can fix it no matter in which corner of the world it should break.

If you have not taken one of these out for a ride, you really should contact your local Ural dealer. Maybe you can help them achieve their goal.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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