Jorge Lorenzo to Use No. 1 Plate in 2011

jorge_lorenzo_no_1After a record breaking 2010 MotoGP season, Jorge Lorenzo earned the number 1 plate. Lorenzo confirmed today that he will be riding with the coveted number one plate, and revealed a logo which incorporates his initials J and L into the number 1 design.

“Today I can reveal my No 1,” said Jorge Lorenzo. “I am very proud because you have to work very hard to have the option to wear it. I have been lucky with my design because the No 1 works really well with my JL initials, maybe with different letters it would have been difficult to make it look right.”

Lorenzo won an amazing nine races in 2010 and earned a record breaking 383 points to earn the number 1 plate. In the MotoGP, riders have the choice to keep their numbers or to switch to the number one plate. Lorenzo will be the first Yamaha rider to carry the number 1 plate since Wayne Rainey used it in 1993. Lorenzo’s former teammate and current rival Valentino Rossi chose to keep his number 46 instead of switching to number 1 for all 7 of his premier class MotoGP titles.

Lorenzo says that he is proud to be wearing number 1 in 2011, but also promises that he won’t be forgetting his 99.


“I won’t forget my No 99 this season,” Lorenzo said. “It will be there somewhere on my leathers because No 99 is in my heart. It was a difficult choice to change my number but I have earned the right for this unique opportunity to wear it.”

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