The 5 phases of Cornering Evolution

KeithCodeCornering1 – The neat, tidy, knees-to-tank, stretched-out style, eye to muscle memory, as the path of least resistance: the natural style of riding
2 – Knee comes off the tank credited to Mike Hailwood. Paul Smart
3 – Butt off the seat credited to Jarno Saarinen
4 – Knee-down, hang-off Kenny Roberts Sr. get the credit for this one
5 – Riders are low and on the inside of the motorcycle, in line with the motorcycle not twisted or rotated in the saddle

Keith Code has posted on “Conceptually, hanging off couldn’t be simpler. Lower the combined center of gravity of the bike/rider and you go through the same corner at the same speed, on the same line with less lean angle. It’s a brilliantly utilitarian racer’s tool with huge residual benefits, chief among them an accurate, on-board gauge for lean angle.”

The last few words caught my eye, “on-board gauge for lean angle”; the knee touching down is a gauge for the lean angle.

Keith Code has been riding for many years. His racing career spanned from 1960’s through 1990’s. He is a writer and inventor and continues to fine tune his understanding of riding motorcycles. Keith passes along his wealth of knowledge on motorcycle riding through his books and the California Superbike School.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of

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