Highway Dirt Bikes, Adding True Off Road Hand guards to your Dual Sport

thumb_HighwayDirtbikeHandGuardWithMirrorEver have the problem with taking your dual sport motorcycle off road and really riding the motorcycle. Running through the woods at 45mph and have one of your hand guards get pulled off by a branch hanging out in the trail can really be a pain. Your hand is now exposed, being hit by all the branches and each one leaving a mark on your hand. Highway Dirt Bikes has designed a hand guard system for your off road or dual sport motorcycle that will stand up to the off road abuse.

The Highway Dirt Bike Billet Hand guards are machined from billet aluminum blanks. By machining their own hand guards Highway Dirt Bikes can incorporate unique features into the hand guards. Some of these unique features are added material where needed for higher strength, a boss for bar end and grip protection, a drop down design for better hand access, a teardrop shape for greater protection for hands and controls

A great feature of these hand guards is the ability to acadd fold away mirrors that fold in behind the billet structure so when you hit the trail simply fold in the mirrors and they will be protected from damage along with your hands. As an upgrade to the shields that come with the kit, you can replace the stock shield with a shield with integrated turn signal. Highway Dirt Bikes has put some serious engineering into these hand guards, checkout the user pictures at www.highwaydirtbikes.com

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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