Hyosung 2011 Introduces the ST-E3 EVA Electric Scooter

Hyosung-ST-E3_-EVAHyosung Motors America, Inc. has announced its new scooter in 2011. The ST-E3 EVA powered by a DC Brushless in wheel motor with a 48-volt battery pack. The in wheel motor reduces moving parts in the scooter and also help reduce overall weight. The ST-E3 should reach an estimated top speed of 37 mph.

The range of the scooter is around 75 miles when traveling at 22 mph. The battery take three hours to fully recharge so if you plug in your scooter at night you should be ready for another day of getting around by morning. The release of this scooter marks a milestone for Hyosung Motors America as this will be their first electric scooter released in the states. The ST-E3 EVA can be seen at the Hyosung 2011 International Motorcycle Show. The current schedule has the show in Chicago, IL on FEB 11 to 13 and in Greenville, SC on FEB 25 to 27.

Hyosung is releasing this scooter at a time when fuel prices are on the rise. According to the Department of Energy the price of gasoline is expected to top $5 for a gallon of gasoline by 2012. John Hofmeister, former Shell Oil president, suggests “Produce 10 million barrels a day — 3 million more than today, equal to what we used to produce 35 years ago. The oil is there. There’s plenty of it if we would give ourselves permission as a people to go make it happen.” Hyosung is on the right track by creating a scooter that can be used for local trips and not burning fuel while sitting at a stop.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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