More Tron for Your Head

AtRuby_Tron_helmet_01Tron: Legacy can honestly be considered a hit in today’s economic environment, and also considering the recent competition at your local movie theatre. From this film, and its predecessor, Tron, have come many creative products styled to match the set dressing in both of these films. The first big motorcycle-related news came from UDReplicas and their Tron: Legacy-themed riding apparel.

Serious stuff, that, and not as expensive as one may think. Now comes an announcement of a new item styled after the original Disney CG film, 1982’s Tron. Rather upscale design house and helmet manufacturer Les Ateliers Ruby will be producing a retro-styled – and very plush – helmet based on the headgear in the original film.

AtRuby_Tron_helmet_03The Tron 1.0 motorcycle helmet also derives its color scheme, a creamy white and an electric-metallic blue, from the first Tron. (Too bad it doesn’t glow as it did in the movie.) Details on this specific Ruby model have not been made easily available yet, but it should be built to the same extremely high standard with which Ruby makes its other products.

The Ruby helmets are given a sumptuous leather interior with fine handmade details – it truly has no equal in the market – with the Tron helmet having a deep blue color. Its shell is made of carbon fiber to be both light and yet retain the high safety standards which Ruby maintains.

AtRuby_Tron_helmet_02If you find that you are interested in showing your allegiance to the cult hit Tron, this is certainly the lid for you. Of course, Les Ateliers Ruby produces a large line of designer helmets which may also interest you. However, like their other helmets, the Tron 1.0 will be both limited and pricey. Only a limited number will be made and they will be priced at around $1050. The release of the helmet is scheduled to coincide with the January 2011 release of Tron: Legacy in France and will be available at French retailer Colette.

For more Les Ateliers Ruby:
For Colette and the Tron 1.0 helmet: go here

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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