Like Father Like Son

Handler Chris “CP” Pfeiffer is addicted to motorbikes and riding motorcycles at their limit is what he does. Innovative is one way to describe him as he is always doing new stunts and adding new stunts to his book of tricks. In January 1, 2006, Chris started riding a BMW F800s in freestyle riding and after no more than 2 months of practice on the new bike, Chris won the US Street bike Freestyle Competition and the legendary “Stuntwars” in Florida.

Look at this video of Chris aboard a BMW motorcycle on a bobsled run and you will see that he has a highly tuned skill level.

Now take a look at this video of Hannes Pfeiffer, his 3 year old son and you will see a future champion in the making.

Chris discovered his passion for Motorbikes as a young kid. At 5 years of age, he was ready to take over the handlebars from his motorcycle-enthusiast father.  One of his first attempts at motorcycle riding was in his parent’s garden with a lowered Sachs 100.

Like Father Like Son, the next generation is ready to take the reins.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of

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