Limited Edition Steve McQueen TAG Heuer Helmet

TAG Heuer Steve McQueen posterThe legend of Steve McQueen is alive and well in the world around us. Face it, though the man himself was taken from this Earth in a very untimely manner, the “cool” he represented to the culture at large has only become greater as time has advanced. Not long ago – 2009 – Triumph Motorcycles and TAG Heuer worked together to produce a one-of-a-kind bike designed to pay homage to the famous McQueen film Le Mans.

The Bonneville Heuer, as it is known, featured a classic Gulf Oil blue and orange paint scheme derived from the team colors used on the Porsche 917k McQueen used in the movie. It was never offered for sale, unfortunately, and is used at promotional events around the world. Since none of the buying public had a chance to own that tribute, TAG Heuer has decided to produce something which they can purchase and even use.

The TAG Heuer Steve McQueen motorcycle helmet is made with a fiberglass shell in a jet-pilot style and includes a goggle-styled faceshield. It is painted in a creamy white with a red and asymmetrical blue stripe running down the center emulating the King of Cool’s driving apparel. It is fitted with steel hardware,TAG Heuer Steve McQueen Limited Edition motorcycle helmet leather trim and vintage Tag Heuer logos. The helmet pays tribute again to the Le Mans gear worn by McQueen and celebrates the TAG Heuer Monaco watch he famously wore while on screen.

This will certainly not be the last product to tie in with the legend which Steve McQueen seemingly created so effortlessly. It is also not the most expensive; only $650 will get you this very limited piece of safety equipment. You can wear it knowing that you will gain instant recognition no matter where you travel. The only problem you will have is whether you can be even half as cool as the man himself.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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