Sidi Cobra Boot Review – New Boots for 2011

SIDI Cobra Boots
SIDI Cobra Boots

The Sidi Cobra Boots are new for 2011 and offer most of the advanced features of the Sidi Vortice Boots and Sidi Vertigo Boots, but at a much lower price point.  The Sidi Cobra Boots come in a couple colors to they can match either your bike or your motorcycle gear.  Sidi motorcycle boots are know for quality, function and sometimes a steep price, but not here.  The Sidi Cobra boots retail from $250 to $275.( not bad for the quality ).  Overall the boots get a 4.5 our of 5 rating by Comp-A and if the price was lower they would get all 5 points in our book.

Now for the Guts…

SIDI Cobra Rain Boots
SIDI Cobra Rain Boots

Sidi Cobra Boots come in 3 styles.  The Sidi Cobra Boot, the Sidi Cobra Air Boots ( perforated ) and the Sidi Cobra Rain Boot ( waterproof ).   All of these motorcylce boots share the following:

Lorica construction is a material that has been used in Racing boots for many year by Italian companies.  The benefits are the cost is lower and they are lighter than leather boots.  It also wears better and is more resistant to moisture.  However, lorica typically does not have the same resistance to abrasion as leather so that is why you see more molding on the boots.  The moldings are designed to offer stabililty and also are positioned to take the hit in a get off.

SIDI Cobra Air Boots
SIDI Cobra Air Boots

The moldings on the boots are meant to absorb the impact and also slide on the ashphalt without compromising the integrity of the boot.  All the critical seems are double stitched for safety.  The Sidi Cobra open up with a zipper and hook&loop closure, with stretch panels to help easily get in to them when you have your other gear already on.  The Cobra Boots have Sidi’s pantented Vertebra System, which offers protection for the achilles tendon and it covers most of the back of the boot up to the top of the calf.  The Sidi Cobra feature a shock absorbing heel cup and thermoplastic resin molding to protect the ankle and heel.   The hardware on the boots are replaceable, including the toe slider and the vertebra system.   The molding at the top of the boots and the shift pad on the top of the boots are not replaceable, but are not likely to need replacing any time soon.  The boots have a removable arch support and a dual compound flexible sole that is fairly easy to walk in, but also offers regidity for protection.


  1. Sidi Cobra Air Boots
  2. Sidi Cobra Boots
  3. Sidi Cobra Rain Boots

Brand: Sidi Boots
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