The BAD Economy Buster Bling Bike Hunt Kicks off in AZ

ValerieThompsonIn our last print magazine issue, we featured 2-time land speed record holder and pro drag racer Valerie Thompson.   In the article, Speed Queen, we discussed that Thompson is an aggressive marketer as well as being a socially conscious individual.

Those two traits are coming together in a new campaign that is designed to stimulate the economy in her home state as well benefit businesses and the event’s promoters.

Valerie Thompson Racing, Sucker Punch Sally’s Custom Bikes, Biker Babes and Beyond, and Bikers Defense are teaming up on an ambitious effort to organize a bike hunt through which some lucky individual will end up with a $35,000 custom motorcycle built by Sucker Punch Sally’s of Scottsdale.  The groundwork for the program is underway.

The hunt for the keys to that custom bike begins February 1, 2011 as clues to the whereabouts of the bike become available weekly through participating merchants. Selling opportunities to merchants opened December 1st. A new clue will be issued every week at the retail locations of the participating merchants. People can go to any of the locations to pick up a clue access ID to view the weekly video clue by registering on the contest’s website.

Thompson says that, “Participating merchants stand to make increased in-store sales due to the additional foot traffic it will promote.”  Participating partners will be given the opportunity to host a “Search Party” promotional event (at their own expense) during the nine weeks of clue distributions, featuring an appearance by Thompson to increase visibility for the store while also increasing foot traffic.

So what about the bike?  Christian Clayton, CEO of Sucker Punch Sally’s, says, “We have fantastic plans for this bike. The general SuckerPunch model I can talk about but the many extras will be revealed when the keys are actually found and all the details will be released. We are really excited to build this machine and participate in the event.”

In this tough economy, promoters and retailers need to be creative.  It seems that Valerie Thompson and her partners have a fun and dynamic plan to create a buzz and stimulate business.  It looks like a win-win situation with some lucky individual riding off into the Arizona sunset on a Sucker Punch Sally’s custom bike.

For additional information, you can contact Wendy Roberts, Director of Public Relations at Orca Communications, at wendy(at)orcapr(dot)com or (480)346-4004.

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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