Metzeler Tourance: A Street-Oriented DS Tire

tournace Let’s face it, most giant dual-sport motorcycles spend much more time on the tarmac than on the tundra.  With that in mind, Metzeler developed the Tourance dual-sport tire.  The Tourance is the answer for big enduro riders who want a long wearing tire for duty that is geared toward touring.

The tire is of a radial construction that features a twin layer, 4-ply diagonal tire carcass.  Both the front and rear Tourance incorporate Metzeler’s impressive 0° steel belt technology.  The tire compound provides substantially enhanced mileage, especially when compared to dual-sport tires that are more geared to a larger percentage of dirt duty.

The defining feature of the Tourance is the tread design.  First, it is optimized for a quieter street ride.  The design reduces the rolling noise that can be a real nuisance on some DS tires.  Additionally, the Tourance tread design is just aggressive enough to afford a modicum of dirt riding ability.  In this arena, the tire is best suited for hard-packed, fire road type duty.

The Metzeler Tourance tires are designed to be mounted in pairs.  The front and rear tire designs are complimentary.  Retail for a set is around $400, but much better deals can be had at retailers like Competition Accessories.

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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