Isle of Man TT Zero Rides Again in 2011

Isle of Man TT Zero logo The Isle of Man TT has again added the all-electric TT Zero event to its schedule for the 2011 running. The TT Zero will be held on Wednesday, 8 June, during TT week and will be an official race of the meet. This is the second time that it will be included in the authorized program; the 2009 electric motorcycle race was organized and controlled by Azhar Hussain’s TTXGP and was not officially included in the Isle of Man TT, though it ran within it.

The Isle of Man’s Economic Development department is excited about the event and sees it as a way to demonstrate the clean-tech capabilities of the small English island. Putting such cutting-edge technology on the course allows the teams to use it as development and practice time, thus putting the Isle of Man at the forefront of new technology and innovative design. The TT Zero is very well supported by the Isle of Man government and that means it will likely stay on the schedule in the foreseeable future.

Changes have been made to the TT Zero race plan as well. Foremost in the minds of many will be the new 100 Club. This new honor will be given to the first ten electric motorcycle teams which manage to average over 100 MPH on the course. The award also comes with a special trophy to be presented to each team who joins the 100 Club. The £10,000 (US$15,572) prize for the first team to reach this goal remains in place – MotoCzysz nearly took it home in 2010.

Another new feature of the TT Zero will be the University Prize, which was created to encourage university and college teams to compete on the Isle of Man. It will consist of £5,000 (US$7,786) and will be given to the student-filled team which is the fastest on the island in the TT Zero event.

The 2011 Isle of Man TT Zero race will be another highlight at this historic and legendary real roads battle. This is the future of motorcycle racing and it is continually expanding and getting better each and every year.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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