Just Let it Die: Captain America Bike

ER_Chopper We wrote an article about the loss of the “Captain America” Harley Davidson ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy rider in a Texas fire. There are articles floating around the Internet that are titled “Easy Rider Motorcycle NOT Lost or Destroyed in Arson Fire”.  Just let this story die, let it go, move on, find something new to write about. Let’s say this, “The motorcycle is destroyed for insurance purposes.”

This means that absolute annihilation is not essential, bits and pieces can be left. The way this motorcycle was originally built was from bits and pieces so it can be rebuilt again in the same manner.

Bill J. from Austin on photoblog.statesman.com wrote “God only knows how many newspaper and magazine column inches (and now internet units of bandwidth) have been dedicated to the topic. Entire books could (and may yet) be written solely about the film’s iconic motorcycles.”

Let’s put this one to bed until “Captain America” gets torn down, paint stripped off and a full restore gets done. Then we will have the all new much improved version of this classic motorcycle.   Let’s spend more time doing a story or stories on Ben Hardy one of the original builders of “Captain America”.  Now that would be a story worthy of using up several units of Internet bandwidth.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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