GoPro HD HERO Soon to Be 3D

GoPro logoGoPro has helped make high-definition action video possible for the everyday extreme sports athlete. Just as that phrase is no more an oxymoron, GoPro has taken what used to be available only to professionals and given it to anyone who can scrounge up around $300. That may sound excessive to some, but what you get for that is the highly-rated HD HERO line of wide lens video/still cameras and one of a variety of accessory packages based on your application. Of the two models of HD Hero, the top of the line 1080p model will soon have a new and sure to be popular feature available – 3D.

These two simple characters – the ‘3D” – represent a completely new world for digital photography and video. It has been many years since the first 3D cameras were created, and several governments have risen, fallen and risen again since the first 3D films played in wide distribution. Well, what is old is new again. Three-dimensional films are now an every weekend event, 3D TVs are in the shops and in some homes, and even video games have 3D components to them. The technology is far from perfect, but it is improving and is the best it has ever been. GoPro HD HERO Helmet

High-definition 3D is something new to the market, however, and yet the clever engineers at GoPro have already worked out a way to provide this HD 3D capability to owners of their HD HERO cameras. The whole 3D feature will actually consist of a special synchronization cable and dual-camera housing – to hold them at a proper distance for the 3D effect to work. The one major limitation is the need to have two (2) HD HERO cameras for this new system to work as designed. That does double your cost, though ‘naked’- meaning that there is no accessory package included – HD HERO cameras are available at a reduced price.

A release date has yet to be announced, but the new 3D HERO Expansion Kit should be available in the early part of 2011. It will be easier than ever before to show your family and friends your adventures through life – and in HD 3D they will be as close as they can get without actually being there with you.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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