Drinking and Driving – How Police Learn to Test BAC

Blow Here - BAC Breathalizer Test
Blow Here, Sir

Vodka, Beer, Tequila shots and a police station, not a great mix really just before the Holiday period. It’s not what you are thinking though, I didn’t get pulled for a DUI, I got invited to get hammered with the coppers in the Crescent PA Police station, and what an experience it was too.

A buddy of mine is a new policeman and himself and a group of other new police officers were put through their paces over a night of training for the standard Sobriety Test. They were being examined to make sure they were all doing the test the correct way and to make sure they could recognize the signs of a drunk driver. They needed live subjects to test on, so I volunteered to getting liquored up in the name of research. Getting drunk in a police station was a surreal experience and after 7 sobriety tests later I would not want to do it at the side of the road.

Drinking Alcohol for Public Safety

Having a Drink with the Police - Testing BAC
Having a Drink with the Police

It was 3pm in the afternoon and they tested the whole class to make sure we had a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.00% — basically zero alcohol in our system. Then they started a controlled drinking program to raise our BAC level to be way over the legal limit. Now don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the drinking part, but when you have to stand in a room and go through numerous sobriety tests later it’s no joke. I even felt guilty when being tested.

At 5pm, 25 minutes after my Screw Drivers (vodka & orange juice), they tested my vital signs. Believe it or not but after 6oz of vodka my BAC was only 0.07 — still below the legal driving limit of 0.08. Then they started to step the drinking up and at 6PM, after two more beers, my BAC level was finally over the legal limit at 0.92. Another 2oz of Tequila raised it to 0.123, the peak for the evening.

Getting Our BAC Tested

Julian's Vital Signs - BAC Test Results Prior to Alcohol
Julian's Vital Signs

We then went into the training room for testing. The first test was standing on one leg while touching your nose with both hands alternatively. The second test was walking a straight line, turning around and coming back with your feet touching the whole way end to end.

The third test was the pen trick which is extremely difficult to hide when inebriated. The police ask you to follow a pen slowly with your eyes left to right, and then up and down. If your pupil bounces off either the corner of your eye socket as you look left or right or the top or bottom you are intoxicated.

Nature is a wonderful thing. Basically you’re pushing your eye ball into a position that your brain is uncomfortable with due to the alcohol. Your brain tries to push your pupil back to the middle on its own, but you counteract that and your pupil starts jumping and you can’t stop it — it naturally and automatically happens. When the officer sees this they know you have been drinking.

I was able to walk in the straight line, and even stand on one leg without any hassle, but every single time the eye test let me down. Fifty percent of the new police officers recognized that I was over the limit. Now with the eye test I know I can’t hide it while out on the town.

Conclusions About BAC Testing

Crescent Police Department Training Room - BAC Testing
Crescent Police Department Training Room

Coming down from the buzz was quite interesting too. Pizza and soda were the order of the day and due to me having quite a fast metabolism I was able to get my ride home at 9.40 with a BAC of 0.09. Only 20 more minutes and my blood alcohol level would have been below the legal driving limit.

What an experience it was, I was shocked to learn though that I can have 3 Vodka and Oranges and drive as I was below the legal limit.

I want to thank the Crescent Police for the experience and hope that I never see them out on the open road and have to do this for real.

Written by Julian Taylor, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

German MÜNCH Racing Team Receives Honor

2010 TTXGP Champion Munch Racing Team The MÜNCH Racing Team has become the dominant electric motorcycle racing team on the circuits of the world where they compete. MÜNCH captured the title in the 2010 TTXGP World Championship and took the top position in the 2010 FIM e-Power International Championship manufacturer’s points race.

For this grand accomplishment, the German federal government presented the team with a special honor. Team members Thomas Schuricht, Marko Werner, Thomas Petsch, Ralf Ernst, Stefan Stepputtis and rider Matthias Himmelman were all invited to the Berlin office of Germany’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Technology, Rainer Bruderle, to receive this award in late November.

The Championships are significant in and of themselves, but what strikes one as even more noteworthy is that the team accomplished this without the support of any of the major players or sponsors. The team designed and built their electric motorcycle themselves and, as the results have demonstrated, they did this very well.

The MÜNCH TTE-1.2 runs a 90-kilowatt, three-phase synchronous electric motor providing some 70 Nm (51.6 lb/ft) of torque to push 220 kg (485 lbs) Munch Racing's Friedel Munch of chassis, batteries and components. Suspension is handled by a custom-built Ohlins setup and braking is by Brembo. The balance of the purpose-built chassis puts slightly more weight on the front end allowing for very precise direction control.

MÜNCH Racing has really just started their electric motorcycle racing effort. After all, the championships which they have won have only been around for a few years now. However, MÜNCH was originally founded in 1948 by well-regarded race machine designer and builder Friedel Münch, and they have been racing in various series and classes since then.

The electric motorcycle racing world will have to pay close attention to them now, and you can bet that the German nation is very proud of their nation’s electric motorcycle endeavor and its great success.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Filippo Barbacane Presents Moto Guzzi TTre Rossopuro

Filippo Barbacane's Moto Guzzi TTre RossoPuro Filippo Barbacane was last heard from late last year when he gave the world the Moto Guzzi Diamante – a well-done (some said ‘overdone’) custom based on the Moto Guzzi 8V. The Diamante caused some serious polarization as some loved the look and others thought it something off of a sci-fi movie set.

Italian designer Barbacane’s latest creation takes a trip backwards in time some 30 years to the Moto Guzzi SP 1000. He calls it the TTre Rossopuro – “pure red” in Italian – and it retains the vintage look of the SP but alters the configuration significantly into that of a café racer.

The original SP 1000 runs a longitudinally mounted air-cooled 90° V-twin displacing 948.8cc, a five-speed transmission and shaft-drive transferring power to the rear wheel. It was also one of the last to leave the Guzzi factory with the renowned Tonti frame. The TTre Rossopuro gets its name from both the old Guzzi T3 nomenclature and the Isle of Man TT, both of which inspired Barbacane when he was building his creation. Filippo Barbacane's Moto Guzzi Diamante

Barbacane has taken much of the extraneous plastic and bodywork off the SP, added a 45mm Marzocchi fork, Asatek rear springs and a 45mm adjustable handlebar, which provides the upright riding position of a café bike.

The TTre rides on 17 inch wheels with tubeless tires and stops by way of Brembo Serie Oro calipers biting down on twin 320mm rotors out front and a smaller unit in back. The exhaust keeps up the retro look by using a cone-shaped unit from Megaton.

Is this an inspiration for other Moto Guzzi acolytes? Time will tell. But, Felippo Barbacane has displayed his own interpretation of the SP 1000 and it is the TTre Rossopuro.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

If you can turn you’re not going fast enough

Ducati749DragBike Pull up to the line and do your burnout, smoke surrounds you as the burnout is completed. Roll forward and stage in the trap, your heart rate climbs as you anticipate the tree sequence. The lights go through the sequence and you time the lights perfectly and get holes hot that put you out in front of the competition. Eight and a half seconds later your run is complete, you hit 170 mph in under a quarter mile on a 749 Ducati.

This scenario is not fiction as Todd Patterson and Wayne Patterson of Ducati Bunberry in Australia have built this motorcycle. The Patterson brothers are no strangers to building Ducati’s with the horsepower get launch them down the quarter mile at this pace.

Ducat749DragBike-2 Known for building the world’s fastest 2 valve Ducati based on a Ducati 900 Super Sport that is turbocharged and produces 200 plus horsepower this project was a challenge that Todd and Wayne would tackle.

The Ducati 749 in stock form produces around 105 HP but with the work the bother have put into their motorcycle the machine will now produce in the area of 168 HP. This amazing power has been achieved with the addition of a turbo charger to the motorcycle and many hours of work and tuning.

I have been told by motorcycle drag racers “If you can turn you are not going fast enough”, this Ducati 749 should not have a problem with the speed and power this amazing machine can put to the ground.

Written by John campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Find The Best Motorcycle


One of the largest obstacles to finding the perfect motorcycle is the amount of information you have to sift through. Consider this the avid person entering the world of motorcycles for the first time will be barraged by an overwhelming amount of information.

Imagine trying to find the perfect motorcycle for the first time rider. You go and visit all the local dealers in hope of finding someone to guide you through the process. At some dealerships you are met with enthusiasm as you are led over to the deluxe top of the line model with enough options to make your head spin. At another dealership you are met by a person who does not seem to have any information on the motorcycles that catch your eye.

The process is wearing you down, what you need is a better approach. You need a tool that is easy to use and get the information you need and get it to you fast, You need to stay focused on your task of getting your first motorcycle, a great tool that you could can be found at Find The Best.

The site explains what they do is “FindTheBest’s Motorcycles App organizes the top motorcycles by Manufacturer, Year, Category, MSRP (Base Price), Horsepower, Engine Type and more. For quick sorting, click on the categories at the top of the page to list motorcycles by that feature.

For example, if you want to sort listings by company, click on the Manufacturer category for an ordered listing. If you need more information about a particular category, hover your mouse over the category heading and help text should appear. ”

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com