The Mission R an Electric Superbike

MissionR-MissionMotors Electric Vehicles or EVs produce no pollution at the point of use. An electric motor is more efficient than a gas engine. EVs can use electricity from anywhere, including energy sources that generate electricity from the wind or sun. EVs are simple, silent, and affordable to operate.

A real nice feature of EVs is with the correct setup you can have instant power. Imagine opening the throttle and having a full 141 horsepower and 100 plus ft-lb of torque at the real wheel before you even have a chance to get you feet off the ground. Imagine this package smaller in size and lighter in weight than a 600cc motorcycle. You no longer have to imagine. The Mission R from Mission Motors has made all this possible.

The Mission R is an evolutionary design that has come to life with chassis design by James Parker and design work by Tim Prentice of Motonium Design bringing the cutting edge design to life. The power plant of this motorcycle with race proven technology was designed by the in house technology division, MissionEVT.

MissionR-PowerPlant-MissionMotors MissionEVT designed a full package that consists of energy storage, drive system and a software package to make a tightly integrated system. A unique battery module design packages more power and energy into a smaller area. This design reduces the size and weight of the overall battery pack, while still maintaining the safety, stability, and life of the batteries inside.

An electric drive system from Mission offers the best power-to-weight ratio available. MissionEVT utilizes an advanced system for liquid cooling motors and motor controllers. The software package controls the electric power train system to function as a seamless integrated system.

The Mission R is a purebred race machine.  All the data gathered from racing goes into Mission Motors street motorcycles and the MissionEVT power trains.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of

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