JD Powers Report Shows Customer Service is Important

JD_Power Key Items:
The study finds that quality has declined from 2009

Sales volume and revenue of add on items is higher at motorcycle dealerships that provide a satisfying experience

The population of motorcycle buyers is aging, the average rider age is now 40 to 49 years

The percentage of first-time buyers has declined for a second consecutive year

Customer service should be number one for every motorcycle dealer. Customer retention is a key area dealers should always be interested in. When times get rough it is easier to sell to a customer you have a good relationship with because you, the dealer, have been providing great service since you sold the motorcycle or provided a service to the customer.

A report from JD Powers is not needed to tell you, the dealer, that customer satisfaction is important to your business. A report is not needed for the dealer who is involved in the community and always seeking new relationships with other business.

Everyone has seen the dealer who has great customer service, just go to your local bike night and you will see the dealer there. You see this dealer hosting monthly rides for fun and for charity; a key item is you SEE the dealer. You hear from the dealer after you have had service, the dealer will call and ask if everything is going okay with the work that was done.

They send you emails about local events and even include a few words on specials being offered for a service or a product. We hope you all have a dealer like this, be sure to support them next time you are out and about. Post up your dealer experience let us know about the dealers in your area.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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