Cycle News Assets Acquired by MAG

Cycle News logoUnfortunately for riders all over the US, Cycle News ceased its print publication on 10 August 2010 after more than 40 years delivering some of the most respected news coverage in the motorcycling industry. Once the presses stopped, the people behind the pens continued to deliver their work via the World Wide Web at

However, many involved in the motorcycle community seriously mourned the loss of the print icon and wondered where they would go for their weekly fix of two-wheeled information – especially those who do not sit in front of a computer all day. Now, almost four months later, it appears that they may not have to wait much longer as the Motorsports Aftermarket Group (MAG) has now purchased the brand – and all associated entities – with the intention of reviving it.

MAG is helmed by President and CEO Brian Etter, who was a dedicated reader of Cycle News and is determined to bringMotorsports Aftermarket Group logo the news magazine back better than before. Etter has also taken another step which is certain to ensure that integrity is involved in the rebirthing process.

He has hired long-time Cycle News editor Paul Carruthers to come back to the office to helm the revived entity. Carruthers officially left the magazine just before the last print issue was sent out in August. He is looking forward to the path set in front of him and hopes to put Cycle News “back where it belongs – at the forefront of motorcycle media.”

The people at MAG run a multitude of motorsports businesses independently managed in places all over the world. Each of these units works together in areas of product design and development, marketing, advertising and special events, yet they maintain control of their own products. MAG facilitates this cooperation and provides each of them with the tools they need to get better at what they do.

Cycle News may have been seriously hurt by the Great Recession, but the magazine is now in the process of recovery and may very well return to a newsstand near you very soon.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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