The Best Western Ride Rewards Program Gets Larger

Best Western logo With the Ride Rewards program, Best Western and Harley-Davidson have been working together for some time now. The arrangement has been very successful and many a traveling rider has directed their hotel expenditures – precious dollars indeed – towards these independently owned and operated lodging properties all over the world.

The number of said hotels which have seen fit to adopt motorcycle friendly policies so as to join the program has increased to over 1200 now – a significant number of rooms from which to choose.

Each of the rider-friendly properties conforms to a set of voluntary standards which motorcycle travelers will find quite comforting, especially after a long day in the saddle. These include complimentary wipe-down towels, access to a cleaning station on or near the property, oftentimes reserved and secure parking, extra bottled water, lip balm and more. Additional amenities may be offered by local owners depending on locale, season and conditions.

Members of the program also receive points for their loyalty. In fact, Best Western gives them 10 points for every US dollar spent on qualifying room rates or 250 airline miles per qualifying stay. The program is free to join and, once you do, you gain Gold Elite status and thus the 10% bonus points at every stay which comes along with it.

Harley-Davidson riders who are also part of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) gain even more benefits; they are immediately upgraded to Platinum Elite status, which gives them a 15% bonus, the receive complimentary room upgrades when available, and they are able to take advantage of early check-in and late check-out if it is available.Best Western & Harley-Davidson Ride Rewards

Though that does not include all of the current 4000+ Best Western hotels, it represents a significant portion of them and reflects the fact that not all locations have the ability to adjust their layout for the benefit of motorcycle riders. You will still get your bonuses for staying at any of the properties with the Best Western name.

Participating Best Western locations may be searched for and reserved online through either the Ride Rewards program site ( or through Harley-Davidson’s website (

The Best Western Ride Rewards affinity program is open to any and all riders, irrespective of the badge on your motorcycle.  It’s free, Best Western hotels are affordable, and you can gain significant benefit from joining – so, go ahead and sign up. If you love to ride long distances, and must spend some nights in a hotel, Ride Rewards can save you some serious money and reward you for your loyalty to the only such program created for motorcyclists in the US.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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