Music for the Road: The Cranker Tank Bag

Cranker1 Like motorcycles? Like Music? Me too.  However, on the surface they don’t seem to go together very well – at least not at the same time.  Sportech is making a case (pun intended) that the two passions are not mutually exclusive.

The Cranker Tank Bag is a unique way to take your tunes with you on a ride.  This well-designed and amazingly technical tank bag offers virtually everything you need to make beautiful music on your bike.

The Cranker features an integrated amplifier, a speaker that is angled toward the rider and MP3 capability.  The MP3 player is not included.  The unit is powered by either 4AA batteries or by connection to your bike’s electrical system.

The unit is secured to the bike by three substantial magnets encased in a non-scratching rubberized backing.  Alternately, an optional strap system is included for non-metallic tanks.  The bag’s primary purpose is musical; however there is also enough room in the bag for additional small necessities like keys, wallet, and sunglasses.

The look of the bag is sleek and clean.  It is constructed of a molded EVA chassis that retains its shape even when empty.  It comes with a rain cover to protect the electronics.  The bag retails for around $170.

Get yours today at Competition Accessories.

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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